OnCall with Dr Darria TV Episode II- Weight Loss and Management

March 21, 2012 drdarria 4 Comments

For this episode, I had some fantastic guests, including Dr George Blackburn, a Harvard nutrition and weight loss physician (who was also interviewed for Elle magazine http://www.elle.com/Beauty/Health-Fitness/The-Healthy-Guide-to-Lasting-Weight-Loss in March’s issue) and David Blackburn, who is implementing Dr Blackburn’s research into a company to help consumers not only lose the weight, but keep it off.  Dr Blackburn talked about your metabolic “Set Point” as your body’s thermostat, and how typical commercial diets don’t do anything to address this–which is why you usually gain back the weight you lost–and more.

Dr Blackburn’s book also tells a story, with a quotation from a patient: “I’m hungry.  I’m always hungry.. At times I can almost forget about it but there is nothing that can hold my interest for long.”  Sound familiar to anyone who has dieted? Actually, this is a quotation from a volunteer in the Minnesota STARVATION Study– isn’t it amazing that just a small amount of dieting can kick our brains into the same mode as if we were starving? That’s what’s wrong with so many diets today.  But! You can use his information to learn how you can CHANGE your own set-point without losing your mind– and avoiding the 20 pounds that most people gain from age 20-50! It’s not inevitable!

We then had a fun demonstration segment with Melanie Pearsall, a nutritionist with Massachusetts General Hospital–did you know that one bottle of Coke (or other soda) a day leads to TWENTY FIVE POUNDS gained a year?? Watch and learn!

Also, for another fun way to keep track of your calories and nutrients–go to Bon-App.com! (click on icon below)



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  1. Great program, thanks for sharing. I was in the best shape of my life at age 22. Over the years, I have gained as much as 70 lbs, lost 40 and gained most of it back, all on self-administrated plans. I am convinced the real problem is psychological.

    1. Hi Andrew–You have a great point there! As we mentioned in the show, when you diet and over-restrict yourself, it’s not just your body that thinks it’s starving–it’s your mental state as well. Dr Blackburn was actually one of the first surgeons that pioneered the calorie supplement/nutrition that surgery patients get while they’re not able to eat. As a surgery resident in the 70s, he found that not eating for two weeks while you’re getting surgery (i.e. fasting) was a great way to lose the weight quickly–but an IMPOSSIBLE way to to lose weight to keep it off. The biggest obstacles I see in my patients are that they either do (a) the above, which is try to lose too much too quickly, so the body bounces back to the higher weight or (b) they don’t actually CHANGE their lifestyle, instead resuming their pre-diet lifestyle/nutrition as soon as they lose the weight. While Dr Blackburn’s concept that you should only lose 10% of your body weight over 3-4 months and then hold there before losing more can take longer than some would like, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run–and better than the alternative of gaining short-term losses back.

      We’ll be doing more shows on nutrition, and I would love to know if you have other topics in this area that you’d like to have covered?

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