Reduce the Risk of Cancer in You and Your Family

June 13, 2012 drdarria 0 Comments

This past week I talked with Dr John Lewis, an internist at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital about cancer prevention and screening for some of the biggest causes of cancer death in the US.  Nancy Oliveira, a nutritionist at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Faulkner Hospital also stopped by to show us five of the top cancer-fighting foods.

The good news? You can make changes that are PROVEN to reduce your risk of cancer.  Now, some may be more pleasant than others (i.e.: delicious berries vs…ahem… colonoscopies or mammograms..), but each of them is crucial in the fight against cancer.

Try to incorporate some of the great foods that Nancy mentioned into your diet this week (AS IF you needed any further excuse to eat garlic–but if you did, then watch and learn), and talk to your own physician to make sure that you’re following the national screening guidelines to catch cancer early.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments, and you can also find the contact information for Dr John Lewis and Nancy Oliveira below!

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