Women at HIGHER Risk for Sports Injuries

June 18, 2012 drdarria 0 Comments

We constantly hear news about professional athlete injuries–but did you know that the group at most risk for many sports injuries is…Women?

It’s true–women are eight times more likely than men to tear their ACL, as well as to develop stress fractures and a host of other knee pain syndromes.  Due to a number of factors, from Estrogen acting on our ACL too (really?!?! Yep), to imbalance from weaker muscles and wider hips, we have to be proactive to prevent ourselves from getting these injuries.

For this episode, I interviewed Dr Elizabeth Matzkin: an orthopedic surgeon, Chief of the Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and team physician for the US Women’s Soccer Team.  Below the videos, you’ll find links  for Dr Matzkin and the Women’s Sports Medicine Program, as well as an exercise protocol to follow to keep your knees strong and healthy for life!

Three Things to Remember (for more details, watch the videos)

  1. Look out for the “Female Athlete Triad” in yourself or other women in your family, to address it early
  2. Build up your bones! Take Calcium and Vitamin D supplements and do weight-bearing exercises—ESPECIALLY before the age of 30!
    • How much? 9-18 years old, take 1300mg/day, 19-50 years, take 1000 mg per day, and after 50, take 1200mg per day
    • Also take 200-600 IU of Vitamin D daily–it helps your body absorb the calcium
  3. Strengthen imbalanced or weak muscles by doing the specific strength and stretching exercises we mentioned in the video and protocol linked below

Contact Information (click on the links)

Knee Strengthening Protocol to Prevent Injuries: Knee Strengthening Protocol

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