Concussions on the Rise–Keeping your Family Safe

July 27, 2012 drdarria 0 Comments

From the most recent “OnCall with Dr Darria” Episode:
The recent suicides of two former professional football players have highlighted the dangerous impact of head trauma and concussions. Concussions are also occurring more commonly in youth athletes—the ages at which our brains are most vulnerable. To help us with this, I’ve enlisted two specialists in in this area—Dr Ross Zafonte, Chair of the Department of Physical Medicine at HMS and Spaulding Rehab Hospital and renowned researcher in traumatic brain injury and concussions and Corey Dawkins, an athletic trainer from Boston Children’s Hospital in the division of sports medicine. We’ll discuss ways to prevent concussions, how to identify them, and the steps to take if you suspect that you or your child may have one. For information to reach Dr Zafonte or Corey Dawkins and the Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Concussion Clinic, click on the links below the video clips!

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