Fox News Boston: Deaths from Prescription Drug Misuse Rising

December 3, 2012 drdarria 2 Comments

Did you know that the number of people killed from drug poisoning every year in the US is EQUAL to the number killed by car accidents???

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To the “It wouldn’t happen to me” of you out there, I’m not just talking about drug abusers or addicts. The greatest number of deaths are happening in the non-Hispanic male, ages 40-50s.  Someone who was prescribed  painkillers for a knee or back injury.  One pill worked, so one day they took two, and maybe had an extra glass of wine.  They had no idea that what they were doing could end them up in my ED.

The numbers in teens are also frighteningly rising, and most say that they get these pills from their “friends” (who likely pilfered some from their parent’s or grandparent’s pills after a prior surgery)–turning medications that were obtained legitimately into something deadly.  The consequences are the same when I see them in the ED–lethargic, unresponsive, slow breathing, slow heart rates…sometimes with no breathing at all, which is why they’re so deadly.  Ironically, someone who is not addicted to drugs (ie: your neighbor or loved one or you) is MORE at risk, since their body is not adjusted to these kinds of medications.

Watch today’s clip at FoxNews Boston (the link will be added later today if you did’t catch it on TV).

If you think that someone you love may be abusing prescription drugs, check out the following sites:

  •  Gives you a set of questions to determine if your child or loved one is using drugs or alcohol and specific instructions of what to do
  •  also has a dedicated toll-free phone line for concerned parents and family members

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