Dr. Darria Long offers tips on winter injury prevention

January 7, 2013 drdarria 1 Comments

Winter weather was a little “late” this year in some places, but came with a vengeance! Our sidewalks are still icy–and we’re seeing the associated winter injuries in the ER.   I posted on this a few weeks ago (to read it, click HERE), and watch the clip below of last week’s FoxNews segment I did on it.  Stay safe and warm!

Dr. Darria Long offers tips on winter injury prevention.

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  1. For when the road is wet during winter, tendency is it gets slippery. One of the tips to stay safe while off roads is ensure that you’re driving attentively at slow speed and avoid distractions. The last tip made me smile, getting off the roof unless it’s Santa lol. Thanks for coming up with a list useful tips for our safety during winter season. I’ll keep these in mind.

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