FoxNews-Reflections on the First Responders at the Marathon Bombings

April 30, 2013 drdarria 0 Comments

Last week, I spoke with FoxNews Boston about the stories of the first responders at the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Almost every responder with whom I spoke said that they fully expected a 3rd bomb to go off–possibly right where they were working–yet they stayed at their posts, and fought for the lives of others.  They were the heroes that day, as is every patient that is struggling to heal.

To Watch the clip, click HERE: E.R. physician reflects on first responders and medical community in wake of bombings.

There are numerous resources for the victims of that tragedy, and I wanted to share some of them:

  • Boston One Fund–click HERE to donate
  • SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill is offering free services for scar care or revision to anyone injured during the bombing.  Click Boston-Marathon-Project-Heal-PR-4-23-2013-FINAL to find information on this program.
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation is offering free assistance to anyone suffering hearing loss or ear ringing as a result of the explosion.  Call 866-354-3254 or email for information

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