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May 27, 2013 drdarria 1 Comments

Today’s post is a quick update–I accepted a new position in Atlanta earlier last year, and am currently moving down there (literally–I’m driving in the car with my husband and our 150-pound dog through Virginia!).

I have accepted two complementary positions about which I’m SO excited, and which will enable me to bring you information in even more ways.  I will be the Executive Vice President, Clinical Strategy, at Sharecare, Inc–a company formed by Jeff Arnold (the founder of WebMD), Oprah, Dr Oz, and Discovery Health.  In that role, I’ll also be writing for the website blog, as well as doing significant public outreach.  In addition, I’ll be an Assistant Professor at Emory University in the Department of Emergency Medicine, working clinically in the ER at Emory University Hospital.

I will keep you posted as the move progresses–please forgive any lapses in posts for the next few weeks as everything gets settled, and please continue to send me any questions you have on topics regarding your health.  I look forward to these new opportunities to help keep you informed and empowered with the latest health news!!

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  1. Hi Darria,

    Just wanted to say congratulations on your new post. I hope you and Bryce will be very happy in your new home and your new job. Where will Bryce be working now? Lovely that you’ll now be near to your family Darria.

    Rod and Sue told me that a move was on the cards several months ago and now it’s actually happened. All very exciting for you both.

    Love from,

    Rowena xx
    (Bryce’s cousin near Cambridge, England)

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