I’m back!…and so is Ebola

August 4, 2014 drdarria 2 Comments

NBC ebolaConcerned by the recent news on Ebola? Should you be?

Watch my latest news segment HERE, and if you still have more questions, read my “Ten Must-Know Facts” about Ebola. For those of you in the Atlanta area, i’ll be back on NBC 11 tomorrow morning at 6:30am!


As for me, yes i’m back for good! Health questions? Concerns? Send them my way and I”ll try to work them into a future topic!

Wishing you the best health,

Dr Darria



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  1. Excellent job! You did wonderfully, very professional. Ray just got to town, we are sitting on the beach having a drink in Newport. Will call soon!

    XO, M

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