My latest two appearances on Ebola–and a fascinating WSJ article comparing Ebola outbreaks in different countries

August 25, 2014 drdarria 0 Comments

Last week, both American patients that had contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia and had been transferred to Emory University Hospital were found to have recovered, and were discharged.  Many people had questions, including if they were contagious, if it represented any public health risk, and what lessons we were able to learn from their treatment.  Watch my two latest clips from last week to get the answers to these questions and more.

Aug 21:
Aug 22:  ebola_micrograph_virus-afrique

Also, I read a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend about the difference in Ebola care in Uganda, vs. what we’ve seen in the latest west african nations to have the outbreak.  The virus is the same, the continent and populations are the same, but the health policies, medical care, and population’s response to the disease are worlds apart.

Wall Street Journal: A Tale of Two Africas



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