Latest update on Enterovirus EV-D68

October 8, 2014 drdarria 0 Comments

child illI just filmed another news segment on enterovirus–and wanted to share with you the latest updates on this illness in the US.

Should we expect more people to get sick? Enterovirus infections will likely start to decline.  The typical season for enteroviruses is summer and fall—with a peak in September.  So, the good news is that we expect it to naturally start to wane, especially as we go later into fall.

So what do parents need to know?

    • Remember that these scary complications are RARE.  For  the millions of people that get infected with an enterovirus every year, the vast majority will only have a cold.
    • But do be vigilant – if your child has a cold, and then either develops signs of breathing difficulty such as rapid or shallow breathing, wheezing, or the use of their chest or neck muscles to breathe, or if they have any signs of arm, leg, or facial weakness, then seek medical care immediately.
    • An ounce of prevention is key! Enteroviruses may be more resistant to hand sanitizer than other viruses, so the best protection is good old fashioned soap and water.  If you just can’t get to a sink, then hand sanitizer is better than nothing, but remember to wash your hands as soon as you can.

Don’t forget about the flu! We do have to remind people that as we leave enterovirus season, we’re going into flu season! Fortunately, while we don’t have a vaccine for enterovirus, we DO have one for the flu, so make sure that you and everyone in your family older than 6 months has gotten their flu vaccine (I got mine 2 weeks ago!).

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