Busy Woman’s Guide: Germs You Don’t Need to Worry About

June 29, 2015 drdarria 0 Comments

Things my toddler put in her mouth this week:
– the dog’s soccer ball
– her foot (how does she even DO that)
– a cracker that fell on the kitchen floor (hey, it was cleaned that week…)
All in the name of a strong immune system, I say. Germs are everywhere, and at last check, wrapping a bubble around your child isn’t feasible. The fact is children depend on exposure to some germs for immune system development. But there are bugs like the flu, MRSA and C. difficile which you do want to avoid. So, when can you “5 Second Rule” it and when does your child need a full-scale hose-down (or at least a thorough washing of hands)?
Don’t Worry
While I don’t recommend seeking out exposures simply for the sake of reducing allergies, you needn’t run for the sterilizer in these cases:

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