How to Wear Killer Heels – Without Killing Your Feet

July 14, 2015 drdarria 0 Comments

high heels2The higher the heel, the closer to God, I say. My husband (an orthopedic surgeon), on the other hand, says the solution to high heel pain is to not wear them.

I’m keeping my heels. But, I’m considering a new husband.
Okay, maybe not. But as an ER doctor, I’ve treated women with injuries related to their heels – including one who fell after getting her heel caught in cobblestones. A recent study showed that not only are high heels prone to cause foot pain and ankle injuries, they can lead to foot and ankle sprains, fractures and other injuries related to falls. ER visits for high heel-related injuries have doubled since 2002 to an estimated 14,140 injuries in 2012.

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