“Longer (but still pretty easy) Recipes”

Chicken and Veggie Kabobs with Chardonnay-Herb Marinade

TIME: 20-25 minutes prep, plus 3-8 hours to marinade, 15 minutes to grill. Time-saver tip: If they have it at your grocer, purchase pre-chopped veggies for kabobs in the produce aisle. (Special thanks to Southern Living for the original version of this recipe!)

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Salmon, Spinach, Cucumber and Grains Bowl

(My modified, and slightly simplified [and 1 less pan to clean! bonus!] version of the dish on Goop.com).

The flavors combine so deliciously – seriously – anyone who eats this will think you’re a kitchen maverick.  And you’ll never have to tell them how easy it was….

Total Prep/Cook Time: 30-35 minutes (It’s not my simplest recipe, I wont lie.  But it’s soooooo good).

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