In the Media

Dr Darria hosts a weekly radio show on iHeart Radio’s RadioMD, and regularly both writes and is interviewed for magazines and websites.

Click HERE to listen to her weekly radio show, Sharecare Radio

 Speaking Engagements – As a physician, healthcare executive, and mother, Dr Darria regularly speaks on topics ranging from our own wellness to the future of health technology.  



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GA Tech Conference IPaT
Georgia Tech Institute for People and Technology – panel moderator
Dr Oz/USANA Atlanta Health Expo

Print/online – Articles in which she was the primary author

* ABC “7 Drugs That Can Kill Kids in a Single Pill” Author: Darria Long, MD, March 17, 2010
* World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer: “Musician Plays Violin as Surgeons Operate on His Brain”. March 18, 2010; Lara Salahi, Lana Zak, Darria Long
* ABC “Will Virtual Colonoscopy Detect Colon Cancer or Give It to you?” March 29, 2010, Darria Long and Joseph Brownstein.
* 2011-2012: wrote articles for “The Patriot Ledger” in MA and also for the Weymouth Apartment Complex (don’t remember name)
* Oz blog
* KevinMD –

* – The Sport of Staying Injury Free (8/10/2015)


Print/online – where she was interviewed

* July 29, 2009: “How Stuff Works: How to Avoid Common Power Tool Accidents” Jessica Brown,
* August 18, 2009: “You were wondering…what causes an ankle to swell when it’s injured?” Hiran Ratnayake, The New Journal (
* July 2009: “Sepsis and Implementation of Early Goal Directed Therapy” EM News
* October 15, 2010: WebMD “Calling 911: What to do in an emergency” Connie Mathiessen
* November 2010: WebMD “Parties and Raves: 7 Risky Situations. Teen pressures make partying riskier than it should be” Shahreen Abedin
* April 2011: Women’s Health “Travel Tips: Know Before you go!” author: Corey Binns
* April 27, 2011: Hartford Courant “ER Visits Keep Increasing, Survey Finds”
* Benefits line (May 2, 2011): “ER visits will increase with healthcare reform, Doctors say”
* July 20, 2012, “Ouch! How to Treat Common Gardening Injuries” by Aricca Eli SanSone
* May 30, 2013 Bloomberg News “ERs Crumbling Amid Doctor Shortage as New Patients Loom” By Stephanie Armour
* Bloomberg News–with Stephanie Armour (interviewed me around Dec/Jan 2012, then followed up for more details in May 2013
* Men’s Health–getting the best care in the ED–interviewed 5/7/2013–Cindy Kuzma
* September 17, 2013, Men’s Health “8 Secrets Your Hospital Keeps” by Cindy Kuzma
* 3/2014
* April 2014 – interviewed for Walmoart World Magazine about heat stroke and general wellness in the heat
* 12/22/2014
* 3/2015
* 4/2015
* Yahoo health
* 5/2015 – Womenshealthmag – stories from Grey’s anatomy in ER
* 5/2015
* Summer 2015 – on carseat safety <>
* May 2015
* May 20, 2015

*May 27, 2015

June 21, 2015

July 24, 2015 Why Recent Food Poisoning Outbreaks All Began in This One State

August 21, 2015 Press Release for Sharecare Radio, Hosted by Dr. Darria

September 1, 2015 Investor’s Business Daily

November 10, 2015 CNN: Tommy Hanson’s Tragic Death

November 24, 2015 Boston Globe/StatNews  : Is there a Doctor On Board?



* SharecareRadio on iHeart Radio’s RadioMD
* On Air with Ray Dunaway WTIC News/ Talk 1080 (May 9, 2011): Emergency Department Volumes and Costs
* 911 Emergency Talk Radio (Nov 5, 2010): Fall Allergies
* On Air with Ray Dunaway WTIC News/ Talk 1080 (Oct 12, 2009): H1N1 Flu
* 10/24/2012 -John Tesh radio– — “when to go to the ER” and “how to get the best care in the ER”, interviewed by Danielle
* 9/2013 – interviewed for “Boomers Rock” radio show
* Sept 8, 2014 – interviewing for NPR radio station in Ohio re: Ebola and treatment
* 2/17/2015 – Guest on Let’s Talk America with Shana Thornton (on measles)
* 5/5/2015 -Georgia News Network Radio (statewide) on ACEP and impact of ACA on ERs