My Favorite Quick + Easy Meal Tips


An Easy Way to Eat Your Greens

I love to have a salad during the week, but don’t have time for all the washing and chopping! So, I do it all on the weekend, and package up my fridge.  For the rest of the week, I can have mixed salads in no time.



Extra tips:

  • Carrots can be chopped and last for days.  Peppers work well too.
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers aren’t so great pre-chopped, so save your chopping for them.
  • For avocados, only slice when necessary – store a half (or other partial) avocado in a zip-tight bag with lemon juice.
  • For lettuce, either store it in a “salad saver” after washing/drying/trimming the ends, or wrap in paper towels and store in a zip-tight plastic bag (see picture below)

Increase the chances your family (and you!) will eat fruit!

I get lazy–if I see a bag of unwashed grapes in the fridge, I’ll often bypass them for something easier to eat.  Prevent this by washing them ahead of time and pulling off the stems, then store.  Who wouldn’t a handful of these grapes?? (HINT: They’ll go in no time).

Do the same for blueberries and any other fruit that you can prep and store (I also pre-chop melon).


I’m just getting started with this page- and always looking for new shortcuts! Tweet to me @drdarria (or instagram) with your favorite shortcuts, and I’ll keep posting mine too!