The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health…And Sanity

EatingCleanSharecare and Huffington Post Blog: Why Eating Clean Isn’t So Clean

August 24, 2015

If I am going to eat something bad for me, I want to know it and enjoy it (mmm … raspberry pound cake this past weekend … but I digress). What I don’t like is trying to eat nutritiously and then finding out that my food comes with a side of harmful substances. Read more here….

This Week’s Busy Woman’s Guide: The 7 Best Anti-Aging Secrets

August 10, 2015


“I want to look older”.
Said no one ever (no one over 20, that is).

Six weeks after my daughter was born, I saw them. Lines! Crow’s feet! When did that happen? Of course, I’m proud of the life experiences that brought these lines. But that doesn’t mean I won’t put up a leeeetle bit of a fight to prevent them.



Germs You Don’t Need to Worry About

Things my toddler put in her mouth this week:
– the dog’s soccer ball
– her foot (how does she even DO that)
– a cracker that fell on the kitchen floor (hey, it was cleaned that week…)
All in the name of a strong immune system, I say. Germs are everywhere, and at last check, wrapping a bubble around your child isn’t feasible. The fact is children depend on exposure to some germs for immune system development. But there are bugs like the flu, MRSA and C. difficile which you do want to avoid. So, when can you “5 Second Rule” it and when does your child need a full-scale hose-down (or at least a thorough washing of hands)?
Don’t Worry
While I don’t recommend seeking out exposures simply for the sake of reducing allergies, you needn’t run for the sterilizer in these cases:

Quick Snacks to Fuel Your Day

ER doctors don’t get lunch breaks. Getting to eat – even a quick snack — can feel like a cross betweenThe Hunger Games and Survivor. Finding a minute between patients, fending off competitors for the last peanut butter and graham cracker in the staff room and secretly inhaling said snack before the “Infection Patrol” (staff who discard food in patient areas) throws it out is a challenge worthy of reality TV.

The same probably goes for your day — whether you’re working in the ER, the office, or driving the kids between their multiple activities, finding time to eat something healthy can seem impossible.


Eating during the work


Squeezing fitness into your already packed calendar 


It was 6 a.m. and I was talking myself into getting on the treadmill. As much as I wish I were a morning workout person, let’s just say I’d prefer a cappuccino at that hour. But sometimes the only way to fit in a workout is to, well … fit it in. Which is how I found myself pressing the Start button, willing my feet to move and hoping my stomping didn’t wake the baby.

Between working in the ER, at Sharecare and raising a family, I can find an excuse or two to not work out.  I’m sure you can, too. Yet, no matter what my week looks like, I squeeze it in. Why? Exercise benefits me far more than the 30 minutes it takes. My runs energize me, help me think better and be more productive, and give me a great way to release tensions and frustrations (which my family will tell you makes me more tolerable). So instead of being a time sink, it’s really more of an investment in my day.

But research has shown that how and when you exercise matters — both in terms of benefits gained along with your ability to stick with it. Here are the things shown to help you both find the time and make your workout “work” for you.

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The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health…and Sanity

It’s HERE! I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new twice-monthly blog at Sharecare–“The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health…and Sanity”. You know that you SHOULD do certain things for your health – but with everything on your calendar, from work to PTA meetings to caring for your parents/children/dogs/neighbors, healthy habits can fall to the wayside. I get it – I’m there too. We all need actionable info. So, I’ll cull through the medical literature, because if you only have 25 minutes to spare, you need to spending it on things that will WORK.